I was just a little kid when I was first marvelled by what you could do with a few lines of text. With my precious 56k modem, explored development in its various forms and created my first projects. I was utterly hooked to these logical compositions I was stumbling upon.

After some time spent as a designer / developer, I became an enthusiastic developer full time. Programming has been part of my life since tender age and I intend to keep it.

I’ve been using over and over again Sublime Text. It has revealed to be an amazing tool but the color theme wasn’t quite there yet.

Used Dreamweaver, then TextMate, Espresso, Coda… even used Vim for some time but Sublime Text has been my home.
Anyway, this post isn’t about my code editor of choice so I’ll jump right into the topic.

Update: Since then, I’ve been converted to Visual Studio Code, maybe one of these days I explain why I’ve made this choice.

I was using Monokai, as my main theme. Good mix of colors, a nice theme.

Monokai theme

There were although some improvements I would do to it. So, I duplicated Monokai’s theme file and started to tweak some colors.

Monokai modified theme

I’ve been using this theme to code and I’m really happy with it.
You can get this at: https://github.com/Sendoushi/sublime-themes