I was just a little kid when I was first marvelled by what you could do with a few lines of text. With my precious 56k modem, explored development in its various forms and created my first projects. I was utterly hooked to these logical compositions I was stumbling upon.

After some time spent as a designer / developer, I became an enthusiastic developer full time. Programming has been part of my life since tender age and I intend to keep it.

Why I Think Developers Lost Their Way

From the beginning of the history, developers have aimed to write the best code they could and make it the most performant they could to reach the “end”.

Programming, like most other craft, is a means to an end, while there is art and craftsmanship in the process, it is almost always tied up to some sort of physical or other constrains (quoted omeid)

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Node tools

I’ve been using Node.js already for some time. Used it extensively when I was at BABOOM (you may check more about this project here) building tools like the translation manager or with the frontend build system. As open source, I’ve built a MrCrowley and a node png to css. My build systems are all in Node.js. They can be webpack, require.js or simple grunt.js tasks but in the end all is Node.js.
A love has grown inside of me for Node.js and now I think that finally I’m getting good with it!

Update: Nowadays, I find Go a better language and since then I’ve been slowly converting my tools to that.

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